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Monitoring Analyzing Reporting and Notifying

Monitoring Analyzing Reporting and Notifying

How it Works: 1) Advanced Power-strips and other battery based sensors are installed in a home. 2) Continuous monitoring of device usage and user location is detected by the power strips with no user input. 3) Data is aggregated between sensors 4) Algorithms review a users activity on a variety of levels and compare against the users short term and long term activities to identify health relevant changes 5) Trends or sudden changes are reported either automatically or in response to queries from care givers. 

Benefits of Direct Measurement of: Mobility; Sleep Habits; Bath rooming and Bathing; Meal Preparation; Laundry; 

1) Short Term Behavior Change Identification

2) Long Term Trending and Projections

3) Rehab progression and exercise monitoring

4) Home Care visit Verification

5) Home Care activity validation

6) Automated care giver change notification

7) Care giver remote  status check

8) Detailed activity reporting for focused Home Care