They say, "You can't schedule invention." but what if you could facilitate it?

Introducing the Birkeland Current Recipe for Invention:

“A broad knowledge of systems, processes, technologies and needs combined with hands on experts immersed in a broth of business acumen with a capacity for risk.”


Birkeland Current is a privately held, SBA Certified Small Business that specializes in Disruptive Technology Research and Development and in Business and Product Development Support Services to help clients de-risk technology development decisions.

Birkeland Current was formed in December 2009 to work in the interfaces between Science, Engineering, and Business. The primary goal of Birkeland Current is to apply disparate technologies and concepts of operations to enduring problems in such a way as to provide disruptive market solutions.

Birkeland Current rapidly demonstrates proofs of concepts to methodically de-risks a business model. Typically this means taking concepts to a TRL level 3 (Technology Readiness Level) in the first phase of a program and from TRL 3 to TRL 6 in the second phase of a program. 

In most cases, IP (Intellectual Property) will be held by the funding organization.  Birkeland Current will independently develop enabling technologies which could be utilized as background IP if appropriate. In those cases, the background IP would be retained by Birkeland Current. 

Birkeland Current also provides Business Case development, technology assessment, technology sweeps, competitive assessments, and program planning services in support of your ideas.

Our Staff has over 60 years of combined experience in engineering, hard science, and design with degrees and professional licenses in Engineering, Physics, Space Physics, Astronomy, and Architecture. Program experience spans electrical, electo-mechanical and electro-optical systems, structures, design, development, production, operations, business systems and field support. In addition we have consulting or partnering relationships with a number of subject matter experts or institutions spanning virtually all technical disciplines.

Specific prior project experience covers commercial, DOD, and NASA development efforts.  We are a registered government contractor and a certified small business, with a significant portion of our business expected to be in support of US Government S&T efforts.

Birkeland Current LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Birkeland Current Holdings LLC whichalso maintains joint ownership in and licensing rights to BCP Controls LLC jointly developed products and software.

Birkeland Current’s technical and management proposal development efforts were critical components in our successful pursuit of the NASA EASSS program.
— Paul Thompson, COO of Earth Resource Technologies, Inc.