Offered Services

  • Schematic circuit design
  • Stand-alone 3d printer services from STIL Files
  • Mechanical CAD Development
  • In-House 3d Printing
  • In-House SMT low rate prototypes and pilot manufacturing

Low-Cost Prototype Parts

This particular project and products are very small and do test the level of finish, but it worked just fine for our needs. I am certain we will have other uses and needs for this type of rapid prototyping in the future. Thanks for getting this done so quickly.
— Acumen Design
  • One time $25/part set up from your .stl Files.
  • $0.40 per gram of material used.
  • $25/part for support removal (if design dictates).
  • Part Shown ≈ $33 for the first part and $8 per copy thereafter.
  • Typical build tim prom .stl receipt is around 1-2 days.
  • PLA or ABS materials.

In-House Prototype and low rate SMT builds