Initial Assembly Unit

Birkeland Current's Phase 2 Development program is designed to take your proof of concept from a laboratory bench top setting to Technology Readiness Level 6: Significant fidelity prototype demonstration in a relevant operational environment.  In this phase, the prototype will typically include some specific design and engineering associated with packaging, power, and representative command and control systems and software.

Although there may still be significant manual operation, much of the system will be representative of final concept of operations and desired functionality.

This phase should be targeted at 1 to 2 years with the desire to limit this phase to less than 18 months whenever feasible.  Investment in this phase will likely represent approximately 40% of the overall product development effort.  In addition to the field demonstration, this phase of the program will result in realistic assessments of the expected final functionality and performance, cost and schedule to bring to market, initial production costs, and refined target market analysis. This phase should also finalize the 'reduction to practice' requirements of any patent filings.

The end result of this phase of a development is the ability to fully characterize the risk and opportunity associated with bringing a new technology to market.