Week 1:

  • Birkeland Current provides NDA and purpose built survey/questionnaire to technology customer.

Week 2/3:

  • Birkeland Current reviews customer information and becomes familiar with the applications and technology.

  • Birkeland Current and customer hold 2 hour Videocon to get aligned and understand technology/business thoughts.

  • Birkeland Current develops an assessment of current technology state.

  • TRL assessment
  • High level requirements needing to be met and current state ability to meet
  • Possible Identification of gaps in technology or concept of operations to meet high level requirements
  • Birkeland Current develops a Technology/ConOps Sweep

  • Possible competing or emerging technologies
  • Possible competing or emerging concepts of operations
  • Black Swan risks
  • Initial Pros/Cons between identified technologies, conops
  • Birkeland Current does a preliminary Market assessme including a  rough estimation of viable total US market

  • Birkeland Current does a preliminary assessment of competitors (established and emerging).

  • Birkeland Current identifies possible R&D funding organizations, technical associations and grant opportunities and identifies methods for customers to become aware of these opportunities in the future.

  • Birkeland current summarizes results in a ‘Draft Preliminary Business Case Study’ and provides to customer for review.

Week 4:

  • Customer reviews drafts.

  • Birkeland Current and Customer hold follow up video teleconference to review draft (2 hours).

  • Birkeland Current updates Draft  based on discussion and provides ‘Final Preliminary Business Case Study’.

This process is an update from a previous process used to quickly assess disparate technologies, markets, and concepts of operations and identify items for future investment.  In that case, we developed a pseudo-quantitative process that allowed us to rank ideas based on the type of assessment shown above.  This has been applied to a wide range of technologies and markets and we found the approach added significant value for very little cost. It was also quick enough to provide educated responses to decisions makers prior to larger investment decisions.

This assessment is offered for a fixed price of $7500 to provide an independent perspective of the concept and technology at critical investment decision points.